Ludentia National Conservatoire (LuNatiC)

Ludentia prides itself of a rich musical tradition. Famous Ludentian composers, like Barnabas Heimanner or Giulietta Ivarsson, musicians like Fransesca Fellinore, whose fame shall never pass away, and singer-songwriters closer to our age, like the twins Deniece and Donahue Adamson. (Their Quot Vias Hominis [Necesse Est Quod Deambulatio]? remained full 42 weeks on the FM Ludentia’s TOP-10 list.)

Nurturing this tradition is nurtured by Ludentia Music Academy, whose primus heads an office staffed with stringent music specialists. Among their other duties, LMAO maintains the prestigious Ducal Music and Composition Archive  (DMCA), collects and arranges Ludentian folk tunes and organizes national level performances and produces music for Ludentia Filharmonic Orchestra (LFO). (Spelling with “f”  reflects Ludentia’s continental cultural heritage.)

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